V season of the educational project “MUSICAL VERNISAGE”

In January 2019, the Fifth Season of the Educational Project “Musical Opening Day” will begin its work in the Primorsky State Picture Gallery. All themes of the season are devoted to the culture and art of France. This trick can not be called random. On the one hand, this country has had a significant impact on the development of world culture. On the other hand, the history of Vladivostok is closely connected with the names of French navigators, enlighteners, missionaries. For example, the French consulate worked in the city for a long time. Vladivostok is the capital, which means that while maintaining identity and identity, it is always open to foreigners, including the French.

According to the established tradition, “Musical Opening Day” introduces admirers of the fine arts with interesting and little-known facts from the history of music and painting. But the Fifth Season is timed to the Year of Theater held in Russia, which means that the author and presenter of the project Alexander Vovnenko will devote much attention to the development of theatrical art at club meetings. Thus, the Fifth Season of the “Musical Opening Day” will be one of the projects timed to the All-Russian action.

In the new season, project meetings will be held twice a month. This decision will allow everyone to enter the “Musical Opening Day” community and get to the club meeting.

The season will begin with a story about the era of King Louis XIV and artists who served at the court of the monarch. The meeting “In the Rays of the Sun” will take place on January 13 and 20.

On February 2 and 3, the club’s listeners will move to Paris, blazing in revolutionary fire, then to get acquainted with the music and painting of the Great Revolution, and therefore see the works of Jacques-Louis David and Antoine-Jean Gros, as well as learn the history of Marseillaise and hear the works of Luigi Cherubini . It is no coincidence that the February meeting will be held under the eternal motto “Freedom! Equality! Brotherhood!”.

The frantic world of cabaret! How much enthusiasm and applause sounded in Moulin Rouge in honor of the beautiful dancers of cancan and burlesque, how many hearts broke, how many unfortunate people lost their mind … One of the favorite places of leisure in Paris was captured by a small man, but the great artist Henri de Toulouse-Lotrek. Three years ago, his works were exhibited in the Seaside Gallery, and now we will recall them in the framework of the Moulin Rouge meeting, which will take place on March 3 and 10.

It should be noted that the theater with the same name worked in Vladivostok until 1919. It was there that the residents of the city first saw the play Hamlet.

The April Musical Opening Day will be held under the motto “The Sea of ​​Impressions”. He will be devoted to impressionism – this direction is applicable to painting and musical creativity. For example, the impressionist in music is called Claude Debussy. In 1922, another French composer Eric Sati in an article devoted to the work of Debussy, wrote: “Why not use the same graphic tools that we have long seen with Claude Monet, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec and others? Why not transfer these funds to music? There is nothing easier. Isn’t this the real expressiveness? ” The club will take place on April 7 and 14.

On May 05 and 12, viewers will get acquainted with the work of one of the brightest artists of the 20th century – Pablo Picasso. Childhood in Spain and the first steps in art, the “blue” and “pink” period: Alexander Vovnenko will consider the most interesting pages of the biography of the young “Parisian from Andalusia”.

The fifth season will be completed by a meeting dedicated to the life of the great entrepreneur Sergey Dyagilev and the main project of his life that has linked Russia and France to the Russian seasons.

In our Club, we, along with its participants, are admirers of fine arts, trace the interrelations and stylistic unity of the visual and musical art of different eras, and then each of them will play with new colors, appear in an unexpected light, surprise with unexplored associations.

The club is not a lecture, but a free exchange of thoughts, an opportunity to ask questions, argue and enjoy the pleasure of knowing and communicating with like-minded people.

We open our VERNIAGE – an exhibition of the brilliant achievements of great musicians and artists, awaiting their interested and loyal connoisseurs.

Schedule of meetings of the club “Musical Opening Day”

V season


“And France is their password …”

Vasily Zhukovsky


Beginning at 12 o’clock


January 13, 20 In the rays of the Sun

Art of the era of King Louis XIV


February 02, 03 “Freedom, equality, brotherhood!”

Painting and music

French revolution


March 03, 10 Moulin Rouge

Paris in the mirror of Toulouse-Lautrec works


07, April 14 Sea of ​​impressions

Painting and music

French impressionism


May 05, 12 Parisian from Andalusia

Pablo Picasso. The color of the new era


June 02, 09 Russians in the Capital of the World

Seasons of Sergey Dyagilev troupe in Paris



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Social tariff * – 150 rubles.


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Subscription number 2 / special tariff * / – 1100 rubles.

Subscription number 3 / social tariff * / – 600 rubles.


* Full fare is valid for citizens of other countries;

* Special rate is valid for adult citizens of Russia;

* Social tariff is valid for schoolchildren, students and retirees.


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