December 26 at 19.00 on the basis of the Orient Film Club at the address Vladivostok, ul. Pushkinskaya 25, there will be a premiere of the movie “Happy End”, which won the financing of the shooting process as a result of the competition (pitching) of short films of Primorsky Krai.

The competition was held on November 30th by the Primorsky Regional Center of Folk Culture, in the program of the festival-competition of youth and social advertising “My Cinema” 2018. (in the framework of the state program of Primorsky Territory “Development of Education of Primorsky Territory” for 2013-2020). In total, 6 projects were submitted for participation in the competition. The authors defended their projects in front of an expert commission consisting of employees of the Primorsky Regional Folk Culture Center, film experts and a representative of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Primorsky Territory. All projects were interesting and unique in their own way. The winner was the project of the short film “Happy End” by young director Vladimir Brodsky.

The film tells about a director who cannot come up with an idea for a script that requires urgent delivery. He unexpectedly finds the solution to his problem on the street, in the face of a homeless person, which becomes the beginning of the story. The director of the project, Vladimir Brodsky, claims that his film is “about man and humanity”. And although such a story could happen in any other city, Vladivostok and its bridges here play an important role.

“Happy End” we almost always filmed on the street, which complicates the work. But our team was not afraid of difficulties. Everybody tried for this project, ”says the director.

The cast is diverse: the team includes professional theater actors, amateurs, and even coastal musicians.

How the film turned out will be available on December 26 at 19:00. Free admission. After the show, everyone will be able to ask questions to the author of the film and the crew. Also, guests will be invited to see another 2 short films by Vladimir Brodsky, which were filmed in 2018.

After the premiere, the film can be viewed on the website of the Primorsky Regional Folk Culture Center and on the Cinema Primorye Cinema Portal in Primorsky Krai, which also participated in the project.