December 27, 2018, at 17 o’clock, in the Primorsky State Art Gallery on Partizansky Avenue, the exhibition “It Was in January.” On the eve of New Year and Christmas, winter holidays, such an exhibition is a good gift for both young and adult viewers.

In Russian art, winter landscapes are a completely native element. They were written by Boris Kustodiev, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Ivan Shishkin. Nature has given Russians a time of special sensations and experiences – a snowy winter, the magic of which often inspires artists to reflect on this mysterious, light-filled icy charm. The snow attracts them with its picturesque expressiveness and technical complexity of the transfer on the canvas. Rarely there are landscape painters who would not have dedicated at least a few canvases to the Russian winter.

The motive of the first snow of the year is one of the favorite motifs of Vladlen Kamovsky. Every year he feels obliged to write in the open air the first snow. The natural study “Winter Yard” was created by him for five hours on the last pre-New Year’s day in 1981, sunny, frosty, and windless. In the paintings “Winter Landscape” by Kim Koval, “Three Birches” by Alexander Tkachenko, “Cloudy Day” by Mikhail Tabolkin, the quiet musical melody and the shining rainbow colors of a frosty winter immediately conquer the audience. These canvases can be considered a vivid embodiment of the soul of the Russian lyrical landscape.

The exhibition “It Was in January” reveals for adults and helps children develop such a concept as love for their small homeland. At the exhibition, residents and guests of Vladivostok, pupils of general education and art schools, university students will be given individual counseling and group excursions.

The exhibition will run until January 25, 2019

Address: Partizansky Ave, 12

Ticket price: 100 rubles – adults, 50 – schoolchildren, students, pensioners

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00

Inquiries by phone: (423) 242-72-17