“Botanical Garden – Likander Peninsula”

Short description: The excursion introduces the features of island vegetation, rare and red book species of plants. You will learn about the beneficial medicinal properties of plants, about the use of plants in food. Listen to the “course of a young biologist”, learn what plants will help you survive in the forest.

Location: Likander Peninsula, Fr. Popova in the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of ​​Japan.

Thematic focus: landscape observations, a brief acquaintance with the history and organization of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, the history of the development of Peter the Great Bay by Russian navigators, the archaeological culture, the animal and plant world of the Likander Peninsula, the inhabitants of the littoral.

Target audience: it is not recommended to take children under 7 years old on the route.

Objects of display: landscapes, panorama of the islands of the Peter the Great Bay, forest forming species of trees and shrubs, island species of grassy vegetation, inhabitants of the littoral, fortifications, archeology monuments I-II BC

The nature of the route: ring.

Route length: 3.3 km.

Average route duration: 3 hours.

Way to travel on the route: hiking route.

Arrangement of the route:

1) on the information stand, primary information about the excursion is given, a map of the route and the profile of the trail are shown;

2) the route goes along a dirt road, forest paths and meadow paths;

3) the descent to the sea is equipped with a railing;

4) marked on the stones when driving along the rocky coast;

5) plant objects of display are supplied with information plates;

6) on the cordon of the reserve there is a first-aid kit, primary means of extinguishing a fire, a toilet is located.

Level of difficulty: the route is available for people with full physical capabilities, having basic sports training; according to the generally accepted classification of tourist routes – a non-categorical route; on the route is not recommended to take children up to 7 years.

Route operation mode:

– the route is valid from April to October, in the daytime;

– restrictions are imposed when there is a possibility of a violation of the road and pathway after prolonged rains;

– in order to ensure the safety of tourists, restrictions are imposed due to adverse weather conditions;

– With the existing arrangement, the maximum permissible loads on the route are no more than 1,200 tourists per season;

– The maximum number of people in a group is 15 people;

– movement during the tour is allowed only along existing paths;

– in the event of a possible negative impact of anthropogenic load on the state and integrity of natural objects, the mode of operating the route can be adjusted until it is completely closed;

– restrictions on the operation of this route or its closure are imposed by order for the Far Eastern Marine Reserve.

Risk of danger: when driving along cliffs and on slippery stones, care should be taken.

Hazardous factors: possible encounters with a poisonous snake – the eastern shtekomordnikom, attacks of ticks (cases of infection with encephalitis on Popova is not registered). On the route there are poisonous plants and mushrooms, sensitizing plants.

Far Eastern Marine Biosphere State Nature Reserve