FEFU Embankment

FEFU Embankment   one of the best places for walking and recreation in Vladivostok. The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) was built for the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in 2012.  The university is not only a great place to study, but also one of the attractions of Vladivostok.

The FEFU Embankment is a large walking area with pedestrian and cycle paths, a beach and a parking area.

Bushes and trees grow on campus, there are ponds and a small waterfall. Special attention was paid to the decorative illumination of the waterfall, now its brightness has been increased by a third. The renewed illumination artistically emphasizes the waterfall jet at night, creating a cozy and pleasant evening setting on University Avenue.

Walking in the summer along the promenade, you can use the service of rolling rollers and bicycles.

Building an embankment interesting excavations were found. Some excavations indicate that people who used to fish and gather mollusks once lived here , others about a rather developed civilization. And these are silent witnesses of those distant years, mysterious stones with mysterious holes, it looks like they were made using serious technologies, although it can be assumed that the ancient tribes specially cut holes in the stones in the evenings so that their future descendants would puzzle over these riddles.

Without your attention, there will be no fountain that adorns the embankment, and in the evening it is illuminated with lights, creating the romance of this place.


In winter, the campus embankment makes a special impression. All shrouded in white blanket, the sound of the sea, spacious paths have their own history for each person.

Well, if you get tired while walking, then there are benches on the embankment and near the fishing line, sitting on which you can feel the special smell of the sea and the forest, plunge into your thoughts.


Sightseeing object Embankment + waterfall
Sub-topic , which reveals the object


From here it opens

view of the bridge “Russian” Bay Ajax

To create a cozy

evening atmosphere


Subject route natural



Category tourists   route With no restrictions
Length more than 1200 meters 60 meters (height)
Length of time 20 minutes
Landscape feature Smooth surface
Capacity of the observation deck Up to 30 people



Periods of operation

Weather restrictions there is

Group size

minimum 5 people
maximum 30 people
Territorial Affiliation                                                 City
Condition of access roads
Availability of bus parking
Ease of approach and group accommodation
Illumination of the object
Accessibility (approach for tourists)
Accessibility (approach of tourists with

limited capacity)

In violation of the musculoskeletal


Hearing impaired
Visually impaired
Mental disorder
Recommendations for improving the condition of the object for tourists
Organizational and managerial Simplify access system for tourist groups
Informational Installation of sheltered shelves with booklets and information about objects and upcoming events

Timely removal of garbage from tanks on the embankment

Recommendations for improving the condition of the facility for tourists with disabilities
Technical Simplify access system for tourist groups
Informational Providing booklets with the name and description of the excursion object using Braille