Anchor Bay and Cape Vilkova

Cape Vilkova formed by the south-eastern slope of a hill with a height of 118.6 m. It is composed of inclined rock layers of yellow color and covered with shrubs. At 1.4 miles to N from Cape Vilkova there is Mount Ostryak with a height of 363.6 meters. The mountain is marked by its pointed tip. The cape is formed by the south-eastern slope of a hill, whose height is about two hundred meters. Consists of yellow rock, located inclined layers. Covered with dense shrub vegetation, and deep into the shore – mixed forest.

Located 3 miles from Cape Engelma.

Transport accessibility is good, the object is available for passenger transport.

The best time to visit is from June to September.

Type of tourism: Sea fishing and beach holidays.

Address: 692800, Primorsky Krai, Artem, ul. Kirov, 48.

Telephone: (8-237) (8-42337) 4-32-31

Fax: 4-33-61