Archaeological camp “Paleoderevnya”

3D Tour

The archaeological camp located in a picturesque forested area near the medieval monument – Ekaterinovskiy settlement and 100 meters from the museum and educational complex “Paleoderevnya”. At 2 kilometers from the camp – rock massif “Ekaterinovskiy cave”, 10 kilometers away – a natural monument Chandalaz. Also near the camp “Paleoderevnya” – Wrangel Bay coastline, hills Brother and Sister.

Usually camp works in two sessions. In addition to archaeological sites and traditional camp programs are classes on clay modeling, ecology and contemporary art, the hotel offers an expanded tour program.

Within the camp are conducted tours and excursions: in Ekaterinovskiy cave settlement Paleolithic settlement on rock Przewalski, at the monument of nature – mountain ridge Chandalaz. All shifts are taking part in the activities of the museum. Here you can clearly present life and the life of the primitive and medieval tribes, participate in the construction of ancient dwellings and their inhabitants feel.

Classes experimental archeology will give knowledge about the ancient crafts – pottery, stone and metal. Master potters will learn to work with clay to make small ceramic souvenirs.


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