Beach “Black Sand”

Zarubino is a village in the Khasansky District of the Primorsky Territory. Famous for the Black Sands beach and the lotus lake. Popular place for summer holidays in Primorye. Zarubino village is located on the isthmus of the Whale Bay, leading to the Zarubina Peninsula. From Zarubino to Vladivostok, 105 kilometers by sea, and by land, around Peter the Great Bay – 220 kilometers. The distance to Khabarovsk is 827 km.

As well as on the whole coast of the south of Primorye, nature in Zarubino amazes with its unique beauty. Zarubino is surrounded by unique natural landscapes and vegetation characteristic of various climatic zones. Many relict and rare plant species grow here, many “Red Book” species of animals and birds inhabit.

Not far from the village of Zarubino in the Aleut bay is located an interesting beach “Black Sands”, composed of volcanic black sand, which is considered therapeutic. The beach itself is small, black sand, large.

Near the beach there is a lotus lake. This is the most accessible lake in the area, where you can come with the whole family to admire an amazing sight – the flowering of the Far Eastern lotus, called the Komarov lotus in honor of Russia’s largest botanist.

Address: Primorsky Krai, Khasansky District, Zarubino