Black Shaman Falls

Terneisky municipal district:

The Black Shaman is one of the highest waterfalls in Primorye (height 50 meters). Another name for the waterfall is Big Amginsky.

To look at the waterfall, you must descend into a narrow canyon – a gorge with sheer stone walls, reaching tens of meters. The height of the waterfall is 33 meters. The canyon through which Amgu flows also has a very figurative name – Devil’s Mouth. This is a place of rare beauty, where the river bed is sandwiched on both sides by gloomy rocks 200 meters high.

Snow and ice in the canyon lasts until mid-June.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the organization of the Kema-Amginsky National Park was planned in the Terneisky district, and as part of its organization program, a trail was laid to the waterfall, which is still used by travelers visiting this unusual and amazing place. Since 1974, the waterfall is included in the list of natural monuments.