Centralnaya (ex Ussuri)

Name: Centralnaya

Star-rating: –

Contacts: 61 Lenina str., Ussuriysk 61, 7 924 722-40-24

Where to book?

Phone booking.

 Description: The hotel is located in a building built in 1949, which is made in Stalin’s Empire architectural style and is of historical value. In 2018 the building was renovated. The hotel is currently located on the 3rd floor. It consists of 19 rooms of various categories.

Room category Rate, rub / day / room Note
Semilux Room 1500 1 double bed, bathroom in the room
Bed 500 Rate per person in a shared room


What else is offered? Free tea, coffee, sugar and cookies 24-hour. Not far from the hotel there is a restaurant, a dining room. Parking services – free.

Advantages: pricing policy