Peninsula Gamow

3D Tour

From Vladivostok to Peninsula Gamow – no more than 260 km.

What is interesting Gamow Peninsula?

Firstly, the nature – a nature reserve.
Secondly, towers battery that once protected the approaches to Vladivostok.
And thirdly, the lighthouse.
The mild climate of the coast, and the nature of these places certainly attract lovers of the sea, fishing and active (and in some extreme) recreation. Whimsical relief underwater rocks, natural grottos, sandy banks, dips to 40 m depth – all this combined with crystal clear water, which can be seen on 12-16 meters.
Cape Gamow complicated hard volcanic rocks, granites, whereas the shore of the bay Knight consist of softer sedimentary rocks – shales and sandstones. High, rocky north-west and south-east shore of the bay fringed sandy and pebble beaches. Low sandy beach cove tops Knight formed the isthmus connecting the peninsula and the mainland Gamow. To him is adjacent valley where flows a river flowing into the bay.