Regional cuisine

Vladivostok is a cosmopolitan city, young, bright and unpredictable, combining the Eastern wisdom, Western culture and Russian soul. The contradictory nature of Vladivostok is reflected in the local culinary traditions.

There is no universal definition of what is a Far Eastern cuisine. It accepted and adapted dishes from China, Korea and Japan, complementing their recipes inherited from the indigenous inhabitants of the region (Nanai and Udeghes), took the seafood and the taiga – and the result in the end turned out quite unique.

PortCafé restaurant was the first place in the city, which specialized in local cuisine. In the menu, the cozy restaurant you will find only products from the Pacific regions of Russia – from Primorye to Kamchatka. This is primarily fish and seafood from familiar scallops and mussels to the mysterious korbikul – as well as the usual salads from fern, «skoblyanka» from sea cucumber, steaks and venison dishes prepared in a wok. However, PortCafé – is restaurant, high version of Far East cuisine. For those who want to be closer to the people should pay attention to the local street food.

Pyanse – one of the symbols of Vladivostok. Round pastry stuffed with meat and cabbage, steamed, came to the Russian Far East from Korea, but has quickly become a truly local dish. You can confuse the smell or pale appearance, but if you want to try a taste of Vladivostok, you should try it with «Milkis» – soda, by the way, Korean too.

Due to local changeable windy weather, it is not always convenient on the street, but fortunately, there is enough cafes, where you can get acquainted with the specifics of the local gastronomy.

Cafes and restaurants of Chinese food – can be found on every corner. Among them there are quite touristic, but there are also those where the venture to go only citizens, but something that unites them all – low prices and very generous portions.

If you want to buy a souvenir, a gift for friends and family, then look at the candies “Ptichye moloko” – a gentle, airy souffle with chocolate – the pride of the Far East, where the recipe was perfected. A gourmet chocolate can bring a bar of dark chocolate with seaweed or sea salt.

Another manufacturer with maritime gifts of nature – Ussuri Balm. It produces vodka and liqueurs, but most of all it is known for its liqueurs. Many of them are prepared according to the recipes dating back over a hundred years, and insists on medicinal herbs and ginseng.

In the center of Vladivostok is a large number of cafes and coffee shops, where coffee is brewed according to original recipes, bake cakes and various goodies on his grandmother’s recipes.

In general, the tourist, who came to receive new gastro experience will be what to do in Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai!

The choice is yours!