Safari Park

3D Tour

What makes Safari Park Unique?
1. Organized living together in the same area five species of ungulate Primorsky Kray (deer, boars).
2. Organize living together in one area of seven species of wild animals Primorsky Kray (live together bears, badgers, otters, wild cats, foxes, raccoon dogs, Raccoon). In the adjacent cages with live predators Park red wolves and gray wolf.
3. Visitors and animals (ungulates and wild animals) are in the same area without barriers – without grates, ditches, glass, etc. (visitors are always accompanied by guides).
4. Customers are guaranteed to see the tigers from the bridge, without grilles before his eyes. First Park tigers size of a football field, forest area 130 meters long and 50 meters wide. Perimeter Park Tigers first 350 meters. Perimeter Park Tigers second 220 meters.
5. Animal Safari Park can run at a gallop, and communicate with each other. Some species already live in family groups, ie, with cubs (spotted deer, roe deer, wild boar).
6. In the park there are tame animals that you can touch, pat and feed. You can take pictures with them next (manual inhabitants: red deer, sika deer, hybrid deer, wild boar, rabbits).
7. In the Park of birds live in the same area white-tailed eagles and pheasants (predators and prey). Eagles fly over the visitors, pheasants walking underfoot.
8. In the warm season in the safari park live hand funny Himalayan bears, which bring great joy to visitors.
9. Safari Park is living group of red wolves (extinct animals of the Primorye Territory). Visitors observe rare animals without a barrier in front of the eyes.
In short, in the Primorye Safari Park shows animals Primorsky Krai as do not show anywhere.
Animals behave naturally, the way they want to.


Primorskiy Region, Shkotovo village, 39th km of Vladivostok – Nakhodka route.

Working hours: from 10.00 to 19.00 daily.