Sopka Review

Sopka Obzornaya is a natural symbol of the city of Arsenyev. The height of the hill is 887 m. At the top there is a 130-meter television mast (depicted on the emblem of the city

Arsenyev). The mast connects three sides of Primorsky Krai on the air – three directions: Vladivostok, Dalnegorsk, Khabarovsk.

Geographical location – located in the city of Arsenyev.

Transport accessibility – high for all modes of transport, including public (bus).

For mobility impaired citizens, special equipment is not required.

It is possible to visit the hill all year round, however in winter ice-like phenomena are possible.

Type of tourism – excursion, sports (skiing).

Address: Arsenyev, st. Leninskaya, 8, 692337, t .: (42361) 4-37-71, fax: (42361) 4-32-20,