Vladivostok Forts and Batteries

3D Tour

Novosiltsevskaya battery

The bridge is located on the island of Russian Novosiltsevskaya battery which immediately draws attention to themselves.

The battery consists of six 6-inch guns Kane and two 57-mm cannon Nordenfeld.

Battery Construction began in 1898 and fully completed in 1902.

After more than 100 years, the battery is fully renovated and is one of the most interesting places for excursions. With the object amazing views of the bridge, the channel and the island itself Russian.

Fort №3

The fort was named after the Empress Catherine the Great, and was built in a chain of North Vladivostok defensive line. It’s construction was not completed. For example, no built barracks, a bakery and a rear exit portal. However, it is known for impressive scale tunnels and underground facilities, which were built on the “dismembered” scheme, innovative at the time.

It offers the opportunity to see firsthand how thanks to the genius of engineering, quality of work and a solid investment, Vladivostok Fortress, without making a single shot, made impregnable for “Russian key to the Pacific Ocean,” the Japanese army – the city of Vladivostok.

Fort №7

The fort №7 is named in honor of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich.

Located on Mount Toropova (164m). Best Western North Fort Defense Department. The main attraction of the fort is a huge tunnel barracks, about 150 meters long. There is also the first time since the military is unavailable you can see the double trunk, countermine galleries and inspection gallery that were previously closed.

Today it is partly renovated inside, and to lead tours. With №7 fort offers an excellent view of Vladivostok and Amur Bay. But most of all it was interested in their internal spaces: underground barracks for 400 people, Reservoir, dungeon, cellar ammunition – in this maze you can wander forever.

Fort Pospelov

Fort Pospelov that on the peninsula Russian Sapper Island, located 150 meters above sea level on Mount Pospelov. Its modern name of this place was in 1903 year on August 30 during the reclassification. Before this was known to all as the temporary strengthening of number 4.

The fort was built in connection with the difficult situation in the late 19th century, when the political interests of Russia in China are faced with the interests of Japan. Artillery batteries of the fortress standing guard at the entrance to the Eastern Bosphorus Strait from the Ussuri Bay.

During the Soviet era Fort Pospelov was used as artillery depots. It also housed the ammunition depots, where the students were carrying guard duty.

Today, this historical monument has national significance and protected by the state.