How to prepare for a winter hike. MEMORY

In the days of holiday vacations, when hiking lovers go on winter hikes, rescuers are reminded of the need to pre-register groups. This will help organize help faster in case of an unforeseen situation.

The order of registration of tourist groups in the regional institution for fire safety, GOCHS:

– registration of tourist groups in the institution is carried out before the group leaves the route;

– during registration, the group coordinates and approves the deadline for returning from the operational duty officer of the institution, and also receives a registration number by which the rescuers will track the group;

– to register a group, you need to fill out the route list form;

– Itinerary must be sent to the institution by fax: 8 (432) 221-02-25;

– after sending the route sheet, you need to call the institution by phone: 8 (432) 221-02-11 or 8 (432) 221-02-12 (round-the-clock), coordinate and approve the deadline for returning from the institution on duty;

– obtain the registration number of your group from the attendant.

You can also fill out the itinerary and register the group by visiting the institution in person at the address: Vladivostok, Semenovskaya Street 36.


– For groups that make long journeys, rescuers strongly recommend filling out the itinerary in detail, as it can provide the most complete and accurate information about the group and route. In case of receiving an alarm signal, the presence of a route list will help rescuers quickly find complete information and plan their assistance actions as quickly as possible;

– Be sure to remember and write down the registration number of the group and inform it to all participants;

– Be sure to remember and write down the deadline for the return, which you approved with the institution on duty.

– At the end of the trip do not forget to call the institution and remove the deadline. This is very important, because, unfortunately, there are cases when rescuers search for a group that has successfully completed its route, but has forgotten to report it. Do not expose lifeguards to undue risk!

Photo – Gleb Ilyinsky (Primorskaya Gazeta)