5 ways to spend a weekend in Primorye

For those who are not afraid of speed

Most of the territory of Primorye is covered with ridges and hills, so its residents have the happy opportunity to engage in ski sports without leaving the edge. In terms of technical equipment and level of service, most ski resorts in Primorye are gradually approaching generally accepted international standards.

Some ski resorts are located within Vladivostok, and others will have to travel a little longer, however, this will provide an opportunity to look at the unique nature of the Primorsky Territory. The most popular slope among fans of skis and snowboards is located in Arsenyev. You can get here by car, bus or use domestic aviation.

Primorsky Krai – not only the sea, but also the mountains

For the most hardy Primorye offers to climb the mountains not on a lift, but on foot and descend in the same way. The most popular peaks among lovers of mountain romance are Pidan (Livadi Mountain, 1332 meters) and Falaza (Litovka Mountain, 1279 meters). In winter, there is usually a lot of snow in these parts. Positive emotions from trekking up to the waist in the snow are exactly what you get, and at the top you can enjoy the cleanest air, stunning views and a cup of hot tea with sandwiches.

Climbing to the top is better to start in the morning, to return to the foot of the daylight and not get lost in the forest. For greater security, it is recommended to go only with tourist groups. After the descent, you can settle at any of the many recreation centers where you can feed and warm up in a real Russian bathhouse. At the foot of Falazy in the village of Anisimovka there is the ski resort Gribanovka, which is popular in Primorye.

Far Eastern cuisine – always surprising

The phenomenon of Far Eastern cuisine is winning the hearts of guests and residents of the Primorsky Territory. New items appear in the menu, including seafood and taiga. And restaurateurs hold various festivals based on the offer of iconic Far Eastern products at a reduced price. The most famous festivals are dedicated to the Kamchatka crab, Far Eastern scallop and seaside mussels, they are held in the summer.

But in the winter, you can try the popular smelt and navaga. The festival is dedicated to the Far Eastern fish of the first and last ice fishing and consists of two parts: Navaga in February and Smelt in December. A few years ago this fish could be enjoyed only at home. With the development of the gastronomic movement, the chefs began to pay more attention to local products.

Water run

Perhaps the most popular sporting event that is held annually in Vladivostok is the Ice Half Marathon. Already in the first year of the competition, the International Vladivostok Ice Half Marathon received international status. Athletes from all over the world are willing to try their hand at an extreme race. The route of 5, 10 and 21.1 kilometers along the frozen water area of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan off the coast of the Russian island collects only the most courageous runners. The participants of the marathon admit that it is difficult to run: snow and wind complicate the track, and the thought that under you 19 meters of water frightens you. But those who reach the finish line become the happiest people and promise to do it again. In addition, the winner receives a pleasant cash reward. For fans organize a skating rink, ice hole and a concert program with animators for children. The fourth marathon will be held on February 23, 2019.

To visit wild cats

The most popular among tourists in the summer Khasansky district is available for travel and in the winter time. Going to these regions, be sure to visit the Kravtsovskie waterfalls. Here you can look at the frozen stream of water and take a lot of beautiful photos. After this, head to a unique national park for wild cats. “Land of the leopard” – is 280 thousand hectares of land protected by the state, for the sake of preserving the spotted cat. Visitors to the national park can follow five ecological routes. Chances to see a leopard in the wild are small, however, only here you can immerse yourself in his life as much as possible. After a rich adventure, the Khasansky district offers travelers a chance to relax in the unique hotel complex “Warm Sea” on the shore of the Sea of ​​Japan: enjoy the view, take a dip in the pool with warm sea water, relax in the sauna.

Whatever type of holiday you choose, Primorsky Krai is always glad to travelers from all over the world. More solutions for winter recreation can be found in the Tourist Information Center at Vladivostok, Semenovskaya Street 29 (Hotel Lotte, 1st floor) or by phone: +7 (423) 240-71-21.