09 October 2017


On Monday, October 9, 100 volunteers from Primorye went to participate in the main program of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi. The delegation of our region has entered the top five of the most numerous among all 85 territories of Russia.

As noted in the regional department for youth, each delegate will have an eight-hour working day, in their spare time volunteers will be able to participate in other events of the festival.

“Volunteers from Primorye will help to accompany Russian and foreign delegations of participants, maintain the work of the media center, organize the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival, give out equipment and accredit participants, volunteers and guests, and work in other functional areas. Some of them who have experience working at events of this level will become team leaders and help to manage other volunteers”, - experts said.

According to the director of the Department for Youth Affairs Alexander Kaidanovich, the volunteer unit of Primorye will be adequately represented at the international platform.

“I am confident in each of the guys who fly to Sochi. I am convinced that they will work at the highest level. They go not to entertain: first of all, they face an important task to help the country to make the best festival in history”, - Alexander Kaidanovich stressed.

It should be noted that the volunteers have been previously trained: they were told about the history of the festival, about the specifics of working with foreign guests, and also introduced the program details.

We remind that the events of the World Festival of Youth and Students, in addition to Sochi, will be held in 16 cities of Russia, including Vladivostok. Here, 30 more volunteers will provide the regional program.

“The main task of the volunteers here is to demonstrate the hospitality not only of our region, but also of Russia as a whole, to create all the necessary conditions for the participants to feel comfortable. It will depend on them, what impression the guests will have on the regional program in Primorye and how they will go to Sochi to participate in the main program of the World Festival of Youth and Students”, - Alexander Kaidanovich emphasized.

In Vladivostok the delegates will meet with young people, have tours around the city, and work at the Far Eastern Federal University and the All-Russian Children's Center “Ocean”.

We remind that the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students will be held from 14 to 22 of October, 2017 in the city of Sochi. More than 20 thousand young people from 180 countries of the world at the age from 18 to 35 years will participate in the festival, 5000 volunteers will help in carrying out the event.

The festival of the world youth community will unite young leaders in various spheres: representatives of NGOs, young people who have achieved success in science, creativity, sports, pedagogy, IT, politics, the best representatives of students, compatriots and foreigners interested in Russian culture.