Top 200 best events of the year identified in Russia

The national events calendar has identified the “TOP 200 best events of the year”
According to the results of 3 stages of competitive selection, a complete list of the best event projects in Russia that received the status of “TOP-200 best events of the year” was formed, 6 projects were awarded the status of “National Event of the Year”.

This year, 2500 applications from 74 regions of Russia were submitted for the status of the National Event of the Year. The selection of the best events of the year took place in 3 stages. The first National events were determined by the results of the National Prize in the field of event tourism, the REA finalists in absentia received the status of the TOP-200 events of the year. The second stage was the popular vote, which was held on the official website of the National Events Calendar from December 6 to December 14. According to the results of voting, 20 events that scored the most votes were recognized as the Best. The final stage, expert evaluation of projects on a number of criteria: originality, scale, sustainability, mass character, infrastructure development, media activity, seasonality, and others, ended on December 24.

“The role of events in the promotion of tourist destinations is difficult to overestimate, for many regions events become the main reason for visiting, somewhere they are the reason for the repeated trip. An event is more effective if it corresponds to the terrain identity. By the number of applications received, we see that the market event tourism is actively developing. This year we have slightly changed the conditions for competitive selection, highlighting the status of the National Event of the Year and the Best Event of the Year separately. These events will be actively promoted I am both internationally and domestically. “, commented Mikhail Ushakov, Project Manager National Events Calendar, Director of the TIC Partnership

The status of “National Event of the Year” could receive events that meet the following criteria: the event has been held for at least 5 years, the number of visitors is at least 30,000 people, tours are organized for the event for both Russian and foreign tourists, the event is recognized as a brand at the subject level, which it is held, the exact date for the next year is already known.
According to the results of the work of the commission, 6 events were awarded this status:
– International festival of ethnic music and crafts “WORLD of Siberia”, Krasnoyarsk Territory
– Holiday “Scarlet Sails”, St. Petersburg
– Military-Historical Festival “Borodin’s Day”, Moscow Region
– “Great Bolgar”: international festival of medieval combat, Republic of Tatarstan
– International Pokrovskaya Fair, Tambov Region
– International military-historical festival “Field Kulikovo”, Tula region

A complete list of the TOP-200 best events of the year 2019 is located in a separate section of the portal.

Events will receive active informational support within the framework of the project National Events Calendar Announcements of National events are not only published on the official portal and social networks, but also distributed to market participants: tourist information centers, travel agencies, hotels, as well as the national tourist offices of Visit Russia abroad.

“The selection of events, and most importantly the interest with which the regions expected results, the reaction of our foreign partners showed that event tourism in our country continues to develop rapidly. Events that, without exaggeration, can be called National, appear, they are higher in terms of performance than many well-known foreign events. ” – says Vera Istomina, project coordinator of the National Events Calendar, – “We are convinced that the quality of events taking place in various regions will improve every year, and their promotion will contribute to the overall development of tourism in our country.”