New Year holidays program in the art gallery

During the school holidays, the Primorsk State Picture Gallery invites children and their parents to visit exhibitions and events.

Operation mode

December 26-30 from 10:00 to 18:00

January 2-8 from 10:00 to 18:00

December 29, 30 Heritage exhibition is open until 3:00 pm

On January 4, 5, 6, the exhibitions “Great Karl” and “Bead Passion” work with a break from 12:00 to 15:00

Weekends: December 31, January 1

Excursions on exhibitions

The exhibition “It was in January”

In Russian art, winter landscapes are a completely native element. The magic of a snowy winter often inspires artists to reflect on this mysterious, light-filled ice charm. The motive of the first snow of the year is one of Vladlen Kamovsky’s favorites. Every year he feels obliged to write in the open air the first snow. In the paintings “Winter Landscape” by Kim Koval, “Three Birches” by Alexander Tkachenko, “Cloudy Day” by Mikhail Tabolkin, the quiet musical melodiousness and the shining rainbow colors of a frosty winter immediately conquer the audience. On the eve of New Year and Christmas, such an exhibition is a good present for both young and adult viewers.
The exhibition “Great Karl. Works of K.P. Bryullov and his students from the collection of the Russian Museum ”

Karl Pavlovich Bryullov – the only of the Russian artists of the classic XIX century, acquired during the life of European glory, and after his death and world fame. The project of the Russian Museum is striking in scope and generosity: 63 works are selected for the exhibition in Vladivostok, of which 22 are paintings and 24 graphic works by Karl Brullov, as well as 17 canvases of his students and bright followers. The exhibition also includes 7 works from the collection of the Seaside Art Gallery. As a result, an impressive monograph has been created, revealing the different facets of his talent as an artist, teacher, and person.

The exhibition “Artists of Primorye. Heritage”

Large-scale exhibition of works by the best representatives of the seaside school of art. The main task of the project is to tell about the history of the life of the region and its people, to admire the beauties of the seas and the shores of the Pacific Coast, the rich and diverse gifts of Far Eastern nature. The exposition acquaints viewers with a wide range of names, stylistic directions, and creative manners of artists of the region in the chronological frameworks of the 1910–2010s. For the first time self-portraits and portraits of our artists are widely represented. Works of decorative art and sculpture, the technology of “augmented reality” applied to several exhibits certainly enrich the overall impression of the exhibition.

The exhibition “Bead Passion. Three centuries of beads in Russian art. From the collection of the Moscow Museum-Estate Ostankino ”

The collection of beads of the Ostankino Moscow Museum Estate is diverse in the typology of its constituent objects. It is unique and interesting both for specialists and for a wide range of lovers and collectors of beads. The exhibition presents the entire spectrum of beadworks from the era of its highest bloom in the first half of the 19th century – from tiny cushions for a thimble, ladies watch or crayon to chubukas, candlesticks and magnificent beaded panels in furniture decoration. The decoration of the exhibition is a ceremonial beaded dress of the modern era, as well as extremely rare art deco accessories in our country – beaded handbags and purses.

Exhibition Quests

Quest “Italian Puzzle” on the exhibition “The Great Karl”.

After a short excursion, the guys are divided into two teams and perform tasks based on the exhibits of the Great Karl exhibition. Each correct answer brings the team one piece of the puzzle. The task of the participants is to assemble an Italian puzzle! At the end of the quest, all students will have a sweet prize.

Quest “Vernissage number 1” on the exhibition “Heritage” for small groups.

The art quest consists of two parts: cognitive and creative. The first part includes the search for famous works of seaside artists in the picture of Vladimir Pogrebnyak, presented in the style of neo-primitivism. In the second (creative) part, children will have the opportunity to create their own “Vernissage” using a collage technique, using plots of works by seaside artists exhibited at the exhibition. At the end of the quest, all students will have a sweet prize.

At the end of the quest a contest is held! The skill of the participants who performed the collage will be appreciated by professional jury members. The winners will receive as a gift a children’s book “Paints of my land” on seaside visual arts, published by the Primorsky Picture Gallery.

Quest “Colors of my land” on the exhibition “Heritage” for large groups.

The task of the children is to lead the hero of the picture gallery, Moryachka, along the Northern Sea Corridor from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. Each correct answer drives the ship of the navigator, and the wrong answer makes it difficult. Before the participants a small tour is held. At the end of the quest, all students will have a sweet prize.