Boat tours will become a driver for tourism development in Primorye

31 January 2017

 Boat tours will become a driver for tourism development in Primorye

Tours of the coastal waters of Primorye Territory in the near future will become a powerful driver for the development of tourist industry in the region, said the president of the Federation of Powerboating sports of Primorsky Krai Yuri Ryabko, commenting on one of the residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok receiving the first license for small boats passenger transporting in the region.

In Primorye, the prospects for the development of this type of tourism are evident - in the region there are about 38 thousand small boats, and the demand for this type of holiday is very high. As one of the leading experts of the territory in this field, president of the Federation of Powerboating sports Yuri Ryabko repeatedly raised the issue of the need to make appropriate adjustments to the legislation. And one of the most important events for the development of tourist industry in the past year was the entry into force of the Government Decree, which gave the opportunity of the licensing of commercial activity on the transport of passengers by small boats.

According to Yuri Ryabko, licensing of commercial passenger transportation using small boats - only the first step, no less important is the issue of establishing the appropriate infrastructure for the development of small maritime passenger transport. And this infrastructure includes not only the renovation and construction of piers and the organization a safe environment for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers. For the development of marine tourism sector requires the creation and approval of the maps of tourist routes, creating a network of tourist ticket offices with comfortable waiting areas, the development of new tourism products, he said.

"For example, in preparation for the EEF 2017 a Freeport resident  "o. Russkiy" LLC developed the concept of regular maritime transport by sea small size, connecting mainland and island territories, proposed the concept of placing the ticket offices and the implementation of a unique attraction with amphibious bus. Amphibian is able to travel by land and water without transfers and in compliance with maximum safety for passengers and will be of interest not only to guests but also residents of the region. However, for a successful and intensive development of a new industry for the region there must be a permanent cooperation of business, regional and municipal authorities. There is still much to be done. Including the update of acts of the regional legislation. For the successful launch of the attraction-amphibian there still a need to make changes to the order of registration and accounting of attractions in Primorsky Krai, as previously attractions of such level neither in the region, nor in Russia wetr not registered ", - he said.

President of Powerboat Federation emphasized that understanding of the mission of accelerating socio-economic development of the Free Port of Vladivostok can solve complex tasks at all levels of government. An example is the active participation of the Primorsky Territory Administration in supporting sports activities in the region. Such support has enabled regional sporting competitions on water-motor sport to grow into the stage of the world aquabike championship.

"Full support of the Administration of Primorsky Krai in the implementation of projects related to the development of the small size marine tourism, will also allow to demonstrate a favorable investment climate to potential and existing investors of the Free Port of Vladivostok, improve assessment of a residential image of the project as a place of comfortable accommodation, travel and business", - said Yuri Ryabko.

Note that the Primorye Territory has repeatedly raised the issues of improving the normative and legal regulation of the industry in professional venues such as Sea Forum and the All-Russian Pacific tourism forum.

Recall, how to get a license for tourist transportation on small vessels, Primorye residents will be told about at the seminar, which will be held on February 17, 2017 at 14.00 in the conference hall of the Primorsky Territory Administration. To participate in the seminar invited representatives of local authorities, tour operators and regional tourism organizations, employees of hotel and restaurant business and other stakeholders the scope of domestic and incoming tourism in Primorye.

"Sea - one of our key strengths in the way of attracting tourists to the region. And this resource, we must use wisely. Now in the Primorsky Territory reported 38 thousand small boats. But a few months ago, their owners were not able to obtain a license for the organization of transport. These changes will be a serious stimulus for further development of the tourism industry, will help to get out of the shadow of a whole sector of small business in the field of tourism, in particular, the implementation of marine excursions ", - said Konstantin Shestakov.

To participate in the seminar it is necessary until February 15 to send a request by e-mail indicating the participant's name, place of work, contact phone number and email address. More information about the event is available from the Tourism Department of the Primorsky Territory by phone 8 (423) 240-09-01", - reported in the department.