04 April 2017


The Tourist Information Center of Primorskiy Territory began active work on promotion of the tourist potential of the region in the Chinese Internet blog Sina Weibo. Any representative of the tourism sector, as well as active citizens of Primorye, can contribute to the page filling.

On the Chinese portal Sina Weibo, the regional Tourist Information Center (TIC) registered in March this year. As the director of the center Daria Guseva noted, this is not the first experience of cooperation with Chinese Internet portals.

"We are one of the few tourist organizations in Russia which publish materials on Chinese portals. Last year, we began to post information in the popular WeChat application, and after participating in the V Russian-Chinese Forum, we also took part in the Sina Weibo portal. This blog, which is a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, is one of the most popular web sites in China. The number of users of the service is more than 500 million people, and this is one third of the total population of the PRC”, - she said.

Representation of the region began with the first casino Tigre de Cristal and the sports and technical complex PrimRing. In addition, they upload photos with unique seaside symbols - the Golden Bridge, the Vladivostok Fortress, the Far Eastern leopard, the Amur tiger and others.

The information on the portal is regularly updated: a short text about the tourist site and five or six photos. The page already contains videos "Sea", "City" and an exhibition video about the facilities of the Marine Station when taking cruise liners.

All those who are interested in attracting Chinese tourists and placing advertising information on the Sina Weibo portal can join the general page of the Tourist Information Center for free. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the TIC specialists by mail: or by phone: 8 (423) 240-71-21, 240-71-20, and also send brief information about the object or service and at least five bright and interesting photos.

Daria Guseva stressed that placing information about the tourist opportunities of the region in social networks and on specialized sites is one of the most effective ways to attract tourists.

"Virtualization of information is being used as an active tool for marketers in promoting their product. Since the opening of our center two years ago we have been active in all popular tourist portals - on the website of Rostourism “Russia Travel”, in the tourist information exchange system NBCRS, on the portal of the Pacific Tourism Forum and others. We are also working to improve the efficiency of posting information in Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube - their multi-language support allows attracting both Russian and foreign audiences”, - she said.

We remind that the web site of the Tourist Information Center of Primorskiy Territry works in several foreign languages ​​- English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.