31 January 2018



The results of 2017 by the number of foreign travelers who visited the Primorskiy Territory were summed up. Traditionally the tourist flow from the People's Republic of China was the most massive, but the number of guests arriving from Japan and the Republic of Korea also increased noticeably. As reported in the Department of Tourism of the region, the final figures of attendance of the region by residents of these two countries became record for the territory.

According to the Director of the Department Konstantin Shestakov, over the past ten years the flow of tourists from the Republic of Korea to Primorye has varied in the area of ​​20-30 thousand visitors per year (the exception was only in 2016 - then the region welcomed more than 50 thousand guests from this country), tourist flow from Japan was about 7-10 thousand. 2017 became a breakthrough for Primorye: the region was visited by about 100 thousand travelers from South Korea and more than 18 thousand tourists from the Land of the Rising Sun.

According to the head of the regional department, a record growth in the indicators resulted from the work in different directions.

“For example, we have been active in promoting the region's tourist potential at international congress and exhibition venues such as Pacific International Tourism Expo (Vladivostok), KOTFA (Seoul), Tourism Expo Japan (Tokyo), Taipei International Travel Expo (Taiwan), road show “Visit Russia” in Tokyo, Seoul, and Osaka. Also this year we hosted a large delegation of tour operators of the Japanese tourist association JATA, who for several days got acquainted with the tourist potential of Primorye in order to further actively develop this direction and recommend our region to the Japanese as a developed and interesting place,” - Konstantin Shestakov said.

Also, according to him, the development of cruise tourism with Japan and the Republic of Korea played an important role in achieving the record figures. The liners called in Vladivostok 15 times, and the absolute majority of passengers who were on board the sea giants were the residents of these states.

Moreover, in August 2017 a simplified visa regime began to operate in Russia, allowing citizens of 18 countries, including the Japanese, to visit the territory of the Freeport of Vladivostok on the electronic visa.

“Primorye was the first region to test the new system. Thanks to this privilege, the region was able to attract an additional 1.5 thousand travelers from the Land of the Rising Sun to its territory”, - the head of the Tourism Department of Primorye emphasized.

It should be noted that in general, from January to December 2017, more than 640 thousand guests from different countries visited the Primorskiy Territory, compared to the same period of the previous year the increase was 13%.

The most massive by tradition was a tourist flow from China - for 12 months the region welcomed more than 420 thousand travelers from this state, the figure is almost the same as in 2016.

We remind that 2017 became a landmark year for the tourist sphere of Primorye. First, the federal law on an electronic visa came into force, according to which about four thousand guests from 13 countries traveled to Primorye. According to experts, a simplified visa regime should become one of the drivers for the development of the tourist industry in the region. Secondly, Primorye received a record number of sea liners - 15. Thirdly, in Primorye, about 300 events were held, attracting thousands of travelers to the region.

The indicator of successful work of the region in the development of the tourism industry was the inclusion of the Primorskiy Territory in a number of prestigious ratings.

Thus, in 2017 the region became one of the best Russian territories for ecotourism. The study was conducted by the National Geographic Traveler magazine and the national tourism portal

In addition, Primorye for the first time entered the rating of EventsInRussia: the region took the fourth place in the TOP-10 of the most eventful regions of the country and was recognized as one of the most active Russian regions in this sphere.

However, the most important achievement of the year was the recognition of the region as one of the best regions of Russia in terms of the pace of tourism development. According to the results of the All-Russian rating conducted by the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the region took the third place, losing first place only to Moscow and the Moscow region.