30 May 2017


Vice Governor of the Primorskiy Territory Evgeniy Polyanskiy held a working meeting with the President of the National Tourism Organization of Korea Chan Soo Jeong.

The parties discussed the development of tourism exchange. The head of the Korean delegation noted that over the last year the flow of citizens of the Republic of Korea to the Primorskiy Territory has increased significantly, and the interest of travelers to the region continues to grow.

“Last year, about 50 thousand of our citizens visited Primorye, and in four months of this year the tourist flow again showed a record growth. I came to Vladivostok specifically to see by myself where our tourists gravitate”, - he said.

Chang Soo Jeong added that after visiting the Russkiy Island, the gambling and entertainment zone “Primorye”, the railway station and other tourist facilities, he became convinced that Vladivostok is an interesting and attractive city for Korean tourists, and he intends to make every effort to increase the tourist flow to Primorye three times.

At the same time, one of the most important issues, according to the head of the national South Korean tourist organization, is ensuring the safety of travelers.

“In Primorye issues of tourist safety are given special attention. In the near future we will also work with the Department of Internal Affairs to develop a memo with recommendations for foreigners visiting our region”, - Dmitry Leonov, the director of the Primorskiy Territory's Department of Law Enforcement said.

During the talks, the issue of Primorye's role in attracting tourists to the Korean province of Gangwon-do during the 2018 Olympic Games was also touched.

“We hope that you will become one of the main points of active formation and direction of tourist flows from the Russian regions to Pyeongchang”, - Chang Soo Jeong underlined.

In turn, Evgeniy Polyanskiy said that in the framework of the Olympics, the delegation of the Primorskiy Territory will visit Gangwon-do, and also said that this issue was considered at the Russian-Korean section of the Third Pacific Tourism Forum, which was held last week in Primorye. Leadership of the region will make every effort to become a transit point for travelers - guests of the Olympics, the vice-governor marked.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to hold a special seminar for tour operators in Primorye on the organization of a tourist flow to Gangwon-do Province in February, 2018.

Evgeniy Polyanskiy also invited the guests to take part in the Third Eastern Economic Forum, which will be held September, 6-7 on Russkiy Island in Vladivostok.