The Festivals that Primorye needs: regional questionnaire


One of the main objectives of the Primorsky Regional Administration is to develop event tourism in Primorye. What new projects must be put into practice in Vladivostok? – A response to this very question will be found during the Regional online survey


Primorye development is gaining momentum year after year. We can see that strong economic and trade relationships are being established between Russia and her foreign partners, which has a positive effect on the tourism flows increase. Tourists are attracted by the unique nature of Primorye, its cultural and historical tourist attractions as well as various tourist projects, starting with the International Mariinsky Festival and finishing by the Far Eastern Mussels Festival.

“There is a certain statistic data which can prove that the Primorsky region’s popularity among tourists is continuously increasing: the total number of foreign tourist which visited the region during first 9 months of 2019 is on 28% bigger compared to last year (in 2018 it was only 23%)”, noted the Local Tourist Department.

According to the speech of the vice governor of Primorsky Region Konstantin Shestakov, in order not only to keep this good statistic but to increase all results – it is highly necessary to create more new projects, taking into account the specifics of the region and the opinion of its inhabitants.

“Local people a lot of times contacted competent authorities in Vladivostok and around the region to submit an initiative of necessity to increase the number of differently orientated events. Large-scale events evoke a lot of interest in foreign tourists, especially from APR countries, which is a major part of all tourists coming here.  We are ready to launch new projects, but first of all, we have to make sure that it is really necessary”, noted the vice governor of Primorsky Region Konstantin Shestakov.


Does Primorye need new large-scale festivals, unique competitions, and other events, such as Honour Ice Run? In order to help local administration with this very decision, we offer you to respond to a questionnaire here.