The Tourism Industry leaders were identified in Primorye


On 20th December summaries of the annual competition “Tourism Industry Leaders” were produced in Primorye.

This year the competition is being held in 25th time. This event, the main purpose of which is to form the TOP list of tourism industry players and to indicate general trends in the tourism industry and regional brand development, attracts more and more participants every year. In 2019 organizers made a list of nominations bigger, so participants could choose among 10 different categories and tell the public about their achievements during the year.

Major Awards are:

  1. Gratitudes from the Federal Tourism Agency for input in tourism industry development in Russia went to:

–   The Head of Outbound Tourism Department of “Dalintourist” tourism company – Vera Osminkina;

–   First Category Tourism Agent of the “Primorsky Agency of Aviation Companies” – Nadezhda Politonchik;

–   The principal of the “Tayezhnaya Hotel” – Valentina Finageyeva;

–   Deputy Director of “Vladivostok travel bureau” – IvanEremeev.

  1. Honourary Certificates of the Primorsky Region governor conscientious work, high professional achievements, and personal contribution to the development of tourism in the region went to:

–   Senior scientist of History Department in FEFU Educational and Scientific Museum – Nelly Miz;

–   The tour guide, and the member of the Primorsky branch of the Russian Geographical Society (Society for the Study of the Amur Region) – Irina Avduevskaya;

–   Manager of Hotel and Recreation Complex “Gavan’” – Svetlana Posadova.

  1. Gratitudes from the Primorsky Region Governor for the significant contribution to the development of the tourism industry and on the occasion of 25th anniversary of their company went to the team of “Frigate Aero” company.