The stage performances, photo exhibitions and unordinary master classes on the Night of Art-2018 in Primorye

01 November 2018

The stage performances, photo exhibitions and unordinary master classes on the Night of Art-2018 in Primorye

Annually cultural and educational event takes place on the night of 4-5 November. One can visit the thematic events and participate in the region’s cultural life in all corners of the Primorsky Territory.  

According to the experts of the regional Department of Culture, this event completes the series of country’s “cultural nights” such as “Museum Night”, “Theatre Night”, “Biblio-Night”, and “Music Night”.

“Art brings together” is the “Night of Art’s” motto this year. In 2018, it is to be held in the National Unity Day.

«It is an excellent opportunity for the cultural institutions all over the country to take a fresh look at their collections, make a claim about their self and draw more visitors. Libraries and cultural centres, small and big museums, musical schools and theatres, as well as the others platforms will reveal the Art to the audience', - organizers note.

 Primorsky Territory, like others regions in the country, will join to the All-Russian project. The master-classes, lections, and cost-free excursions are to be carried out at the numerous regional platforms.

The final event of the regional project “Many people, one country” takes place prior to November 3 in the Primorsky State Library for the blinds within the framework of the “Night of Art”. This project dedicated to 80th anniversary of Primorsky Territory commenced in July. Meanwhile, the library’s employees visited all corners of Primorye and met Tatars in Ussyriysk, Nanais in Vladivostok, Ukrainians in Artyom, Belarusians in Partizansk, and Udege people in Chuguevka. The movie about multinational Primorye was made on these presentations’ basis.

On 4 November, the festive concert program confined to the National Unity Day is to be conducted in the Primorye State Art Gallery with the participation of the Primorye Philharmonic Hall. The favourites with the public, the region’s well-known artists, are to perform national composers’ popular songs and Russian romances.

The Regional Folk Culture Centre holds an Interactive Exhibition “PhotoNight”, the Gorky Theatre shows the Bekkulov’s stage play: “Frigate “Sofia”.  The theatrical stage “Don’t part with your loved ones” is to be performed in the Komissarzhevskaya Usuriysk Drama Theatre.

“Night of Art” is also to be conducted in Sukhanov’s Museum House. Here, in the XIX century’s interiors, two performances are to be unfolded. It is a presentation of the unique game, dedicated to the entrepreneurship’ history in Vladivostok. According to its developers, it is a kind of “Monopoly” but with Primorye accent.

The game’s audience is high schoolers. However, everybody is welcome to try his or her hand in it. The game’s presentation starts at 12:00 p.m. Later on, one will be able to play on a day in the Sukhanov’s House Museum.

 Moreover, in the evening on November 4, Vladivostok’s needlewomen are expected for a lection and master class in reconstruction. The workshop of the Arts and Crafts “Niti’s” will tell about delicacies which every lover of embroidery and turn-of-the-century clothes must know. Thelectionstartsat 6:00 p.m.