Tourist Information Center: Why do the Chinese tourists come to Primorye?

28 March 2017

Tourist Information Center: Why do the Chinese tourists come to Primorye?

Tourist Information Center: Why do the Chinese tourists come to Primorye?

The Tourist Information Center presented Primorsky Territory at the 5th Russian-Chinese Forum in Moscow. Director of the Center Daria Guseva demonstrated the achievements of the region in the work on the "Chinese direction" and explained the attractiveness of the region.


Vladivostok ranks third after Moscow and St. Petersburg in the ranking of Russian cities popular among Chinese tourists. This was reported by Chinese experts in the framework of the forum, and the statistics of the Tourism Department of Primorye confirm this. As part of the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the People's Republic of China on visa-free group tourist trips in 2015 - 2016 the incoming flow of Chinese citizens to Primorye increased from 120 883 to 191 434 people, in other words, the growth constituted 58.3 per cent. In 2014, only 69,057 tourists from the PRC visited the region.

The volume of flow of foreign tourists entering the province on a visa in 2016 amounted  568,164 people, more than 420,000 of them were the guests from China. For comparison: five years ago, in 2012, the number of Chinese citizens who visited Primorye amounted  263,767 people, almost 2016 thousand of which entered with tourist purposes.


All roads lead to Primorye

With the People's Republic of China, in addition to the classic air and rail connections Primorsky Territory is also connected by bus, and the time on the road to the border is about five hours. Other regions can not boast such an advantage. In the nearestfuture it will be possible to travel by private car. This is a worldwide practice, inherent in neighboring friendly regions and countries seeking to facilitate the process of interaction at all levels. In the spring of 2017, it is planned to launch a ferry service on the Vladivostok-Rajin-Hongchun route, but what is more important, a record number of cruise ship calls is expected this year - liners will visit the Primorye 14 times. Prior to this, the maximum number of visits was recorded in the year of the APEC-2012 Summit: then Vladivostok accepted foreign cruise vessels 12 times. Compared with last year, the number of ship calls is almost tripled.

The procedure for issuing a visa is also an important reason to travel to this or that country. Visa-free regime is already in effect for the Chinese tourists, it is mainly enjoyed by group tourists, and this policy brings good quantitative indicators.

Also, starting July 1, 2017 in Primorye, a simplified visa regime is launched within the framework of the Law on the Free Port of Vladivostok. To obtain a visa, foreign citizens will need to use a special website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairsand fill in a questionnaire. With a positive response, the visa will be given directly on the Russian border. The period for consideration of the application will be four days. The visa will be valid for 30 days from the moment of its registration with the permitted period of stay in Russia up to eight days. According to experts, the innovation will bring a significant increase in the tourist quantitative indicators for the direction from China, especially it will affect individual and business tourists cooperating with the companies of Primorye.

Branded places and events for "exquisite Chinese taste"

The Chinese are big fans of expensive and so-called branded places and major events - for this they are ready to travel for very long distances. But what for, if Primorye is implementing the most interesting tourist and economic projects in the Far East, on the border with China, at the first stages of implementing the program on tourism development. An important reason for the increase in the tourist flow is the holding of congress and exhibition events of the international level in the region, the impetus for the development of which was given by the APEC Summit in 2012. Another incentive for the growth of the tourist flow is a large number of brand unique places.

This year at FEFU campus on the Russkiy island  the Eastern Economic Forum will be held for the third time. Also for the third time there will be the Pacific Tourist Forum, within the framework of which the Pacific International Tourist Exhibition PITE will traditionally take place. Most of the foreign participants are visitors from China.

The concert and sports complex "Fetisov Arena" was opened in the region, in which KHL matches are played and the localhockey club "Admiral" is performing. On the site of STC "PrimRing" drift battles take place annually with the participation of Asiandrivers, from China also.

Those who are interested in Russian culture are attracted by the Primorye stage of Mariinsky Theatre, regional museums and other cultural centers. Also very important is the film festival "Pacific Meridian", which gives start to interaction with experts of the Asian film industry. The combination of such objects and events makes Primorye the cultural capital of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region, and in combination with architectural structures made in European style, Primorye becomes the first truly European city on the way of Asian tourists.

In Primorye, the Oceanarium, which in size is inferior only to the oceanarium of Atlanta (USA), has 25 tons of water under one roof in comparison with about 30 thousand tons in the latter. Also the fortification "Vladivostok Fortress" should be marked – it is the last military naval fortress built in Russia. Guests from China are actively interested in this object, as the history of China and Primorye are strongly interrelated.

Separately it is worth noting such facilities as the casino Tigre de Cristal - the first complex of eight planned in the territory of the integrated entertainment resort "Primorye".

The Russian historical park "Emerald Valley" is noteworthy, which plans to attract tourists from Asia with authentic costumed activities and the opportunity to understand Russian culture and history better.

What directions does the Tourist Information Center of Primorye (TIC) offer to Chinese tourists?

Director of the Tourist Information Center Daria Guseva presented not only individual tourist destinations, but also examples of prepared tourist routes proposed by travel agencies in Primorye, as well as interregional routes that are of interest to the Chinese tourist today.

Sightseeing tours within the Vladivostok agglomeration:

3-4 days -  City Center,  Central square,  Railway station,  Botanical garden, Safari park,  art park "Shtykovsky ponds", sea voyage, the Russkiy island:  Vladivostok fortress,  FEFU campus.

2 days - hotel 5*, cCity Center,  Central square,  Railway station,  sea voyage, Botanical garden, Safari park, art park "Shtykovsky ponds", bath, fishing, the Russkiy island: Vladivostok fortress, FEFU campus.

4 days - "Night Vladivostok", City park, Historical center and Railway station, viewpoint, funicular,  S-56 submarine museumand objects of Vladivostok fortress, Primorsky Oceanarium, automobile history museum and military-patriotic museum "Museum of tanks of the XXI century".

"Red tourism" is the direction of tourism, which means visiting memorable places connected with the life of communist leaders and the revolutionary past. According to the Chinese, this is the most popular type of tourism in Russia.

Interregional route "From the Sea of ​Japan to the Kingdom of Permafrost and to the Pearl of Russia" (22 days)

City of Vladivostok: historical center, museums, objects of Vladivostok fortress; Sights of the Sakhalin Island; Sightseeing tours around Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk; Yakutsk: diamond-granite factory, gallery of ice sculptures "The Kingdom of Permafrost", the national park "Lena Pillars"; Irkutsk: a visit to the Taltsy architectural and ethnographic museum, a visit to Lake Baikal and the Baikal Museum, a tour of the Baikal and the Olkhon Island; Ulan-Ude: ethnographic museum and the Ivolginsky datsan.

Event tourist route "MEMORY ROAD" (4 days)

The route is dedicated to the memory of Russian soldiers, Chinese and Korean partisans, who fought for the liberation of northeastern China, southern Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and the northern part of Korea from the Japanese invaders. The route includes a visit to the memorial submarine "S-56", the museum "Vladivostok Fortress" and the Arseniev Museum, visiting the former Chinese and Japanese quarters in Vladivostok, as well as a visit to the village of Vyatskoye in the Khabarovsk Territory and a tour around Khabarovsk.

"Red Route" (5 days)

Begins from the village of Pogranichny in Primorye. As part of the route, visitors visit Spassk-Dalniy (city museum and sightseeing tour), Ussuriisk (El-629 steam locomotive and Vitaliy Banevour's tomb), a bus sightseeing tour of Vladivostok with a visit to the monument to Vladimir Lenin, a memorial to the fighters for power of the Soviets in the Far East, on the Ship's Embankment - Eternal Flame, submarine S-56, ship-museum "Red Pennant", excursion to the museum of automobile history and walking tour "The Secret Paths of the CPSU". At the end of the excursion route - visiting the Victory Park, viewing the commemorative plaque of Adelaide Bartkovskaya, the commemorative sign "The Star of Victory".

Ecological tourism

In the Primorsky Territory there are about 900 nature monuments, including 13 reserves, three national parks, botanical gardens, lakes, waterfalls and other attractions to ecotourists.

Currently, more than 30 destinations and places of Primorye, suitable for ecological excursions, are already included in tourist routes for Russian and foreign tourists.

"We include in the tourist routes for the summer period sea excursions along the bays and walks on the islands. Our programs included the Bay of Expedition, Reid Pallada, Anna bay, Reef bay, Middle bay, Rooster and Elephant bay, Okunevayabay, Triozerye, Calm bay. Also in the seaside area there is a large number of picturesque islands open to tourists. These include the island of Putyatin, Fox, Petrova, Posiet, Krabbe, Zheltukhin, Rikord, Reinek, Sibiryakov, Popov and Russkiy. The tourist routes include natural waterfalls: Kravtsovskie, Smolny, Humpbacked, Benevsky, Steklyanukha and Alekseevsky. Chandalaz Ridge, Posetsky Grotto, Nazimova Sandy Spit, Dardanelles Cheek Gorge, ancient reefs Brother and Sister are unique objects created by nature and enjoying great popularity among the inhabitants of the region. Reserves are also an integral part of ecological tourism - we actively cooperate with Lazovsky and Sikhote-Alinsky nature reserves," - the director of the TIC told.

Gastronomic tourism

Residents of China are the famous lovers of seafood. Knowing this, tour operators of the Primorsky Territory arrange sea walks with a service that includes treats in the form of freshly scalloped scallops, squid, and cucumaria. For such a pleasure, guests from China are ready to spend a fair amount of money. Also, restaurants in Vladivostok are ready to offer a wide range of dishes with seaside delicacies. In addition, in the regional center informally there is a so-called "China Town", where the Chinese can eat "at home": all cooks in Chinese restaurants are from their native China.