01 March 2018


According to experts from the Travel Industry of the Land of the Rising Sun, interregional routes in the Far East can become the most popular destination for tourists around the world.

In the Japanese prefecture of Toyama, a presentation of the tourist potential of Primorskiy Territory for residents and tourism operators of Japanese territory was held. During the event, the guests were presented the new opportunities opened for tourists with the introduction of a simplified visa regime in the territory of the Russian Far East.

According to the specialists of the Tourist Information Center of Primorye, foreigners showed great interest in the opportunity to visit several Far Eastern regions at once, using an electronic visa.

“Our Japanese colleagues noted that the introduction of the new regime is a great advantage, since the mechanism greatly simplifies the organization of tours to the Far East, including Primorye, and makes the region more attractive for the Japanese tourists. According to foreign tour operators, it would be interesting during the visit to get acquainted with the sights of several regions at once. The visa is issued for eight days, during this time you can have visit Primorye, and then go, for example, to Yakutia or to Kamchatka,” - the TIC said.

The specialists specified that at the moment within the framework of the project “Eastern Ring of Russia” six routes have been developed: “Oriental Necklace”, “Eastern Ring”, “Five Elements”, “Tiger Diamond”, “Legends of the Pacific” and “Fire Tiger”.

According to Japanese experts, interregional tours in the Far East can become one of the most interesting products not only in Russia, but all over the world.

It should be noted that during the presentation, foreign tour operators learned that at the moment it is possible to enter Primorye via an electronic visa through nine checkpoints: the Vladivostok international airport, the sea port with the same name, the railway crossing points “Pogranichniy”, “Khasan”, “Makhalino”, points car pass “Poltavka” and “Turiy Rog”, as well as the maritime crossing points “Zarubino” and “Posiet”.

In addition, since this January for the owners of electronic visas a border in the Sakhalin Region and the Kamchatka Territory has also been opened - a simplified visa regime has been extended to the “Korsakov” and “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” maritime checkpoints.

We remind that for today more than 5,5 thousand people visited Primorye on a simplified visa regime. Most of them are residents of China (3.7 thousand) and Japan (1.8 thousand). Also among those who visited the region there are the citizens of Singapore, India, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Kuwait and Morocco. More than 8.5 thousand travelers have received an electronic visa.

For reference: the federal project “The Eastern Ring of Russia” was first presented in the framework of PTF-2016, and in September of the same year at the Second Eastern Economic Forum the heads of 12 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the leadership of the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Rostourism signed an agreement on its implementation. “The Eastern Ring” will connect the best places of the Far East in a single route and will enable tourists to visit the treasuries of each region.

In the project Primorye is positioned as a tourist hub that accumulates and redistributes tourist flows from the APR countries to the regions of the Far East within the framework of joint tourist routes taking into account an advantageous geographical position and a simplified visa regime. The head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov is sure that the brand “Eastern Ring” is intended to become a significant asset in the tourist sphere of Russia.