V-ROX 2017 new artists: Wa Rubbers, Deer, Starcardigan and The Gravity

10 July 2017

V-ROX 2017 new artists: Wa Rubbers, Deer, Starcardigan and The Gravity

We are happy to announce more bands and musicians who will celebrate our 5th year anniversary between 4-6 August in Vladivostok. Meet Okinawa stars Wa Rubbers, Deer – Mexicans from Hong Kong and aboriginals from Vladivostok The Gravity and Starcardigan.

The Wa Rubbers members were originally busy with video production, web and fashion design, they released short films and photo books. From about 2013, they started musical activities as a band, using common musical instruments to themselves such as the guitar, a washboard, the Okinawan tradition instrument, and so on.

Deer is an electronic band conformed by two Mexican musicians: Adriana Falcon and Miguel Bastida. Their music is a mix of trip hop, industrial sounds and deep basses plus the powerful vocals and the nostalgic lyrics that brings back the memories of the Mexican and Latin-American poetry.

This music of the Gravity band combines dynamic guitar sounds and beautiful memorable melodies, that reaches heart and remain there for a long time. Creating every song, musicians don’t aspire to obey any rules, but combine their common ideas with individual addictions and preferences.

Starcadigan is an electronic pop, nu-disco band from Vladivostok. Considered to be one of the best emerging talents in Russia among music lovers and industry insiders. In 2016 the band has become a true phenomenon after completing a tour of China which was deemed as the biggest tour in the history of Russian musicians who tour in that particular region.

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