Vladivostok is in the TOP-8 most popular cities for travelling on Russian Naval Fleet Foundation Day


Russian accommodation booking system “Tvil.ru” in the run-up to Russian Naval Fleet Foundation Day 2019 published a list of the most popular Russian cities of military glory among tourists.

Russian people usually celebrate the Naval Fleet day on the last Sunday of July, but the Naval Fleet Foundation Day they celebrate on 30 October. In the very day in 1969, the Seigniorial thought by command of Petr the first decided to create a regular Russian naval fleet.


The TOP-8 most popular cities included Feodosiya, Kerch’, Sevastopol’, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Astrakhan, St. Petersburg, and Vladivostok.

According to “Tvil.ru” data tourists usually book trips to these cities on a period from 3,2 to 8,5 days, and spend on accommodation from 1,4 to 2,8 thousand rubles per night.

The cheapest accommodation is in Astrakhan (1, 4 thousand rubles per night), and the most expensive one is in St, Petersburg and Vladivostok (2,8 thousand rubles per night ).

This list was created according to a number of pre-paid applications on accommodation booking from tourists in 2019.

The TOP-8 most popular cities for travelling on Russian Naval Fleet Foundation Day:

  1. Feodosiya — 2356 rub / 6,5 nights
  2. Sevastopol’ — 2488 rub / 4,9 nights
  3. Anapa — 2121 rub / 8,5 nights
  4. St. Petersburg — 2835 rub / 4 nights
  5. Kerch’ — 2264 rub / 3,2 nights
  6. Novorossiysk — 2133 rub / 5,2 nights
  7. Astrakhan — 1358 rub / 4,2 nights
  8. Vladivostok — 2840 rub / 3,8 nights

* Average expenses of 1 family per night/ Average number of booked nights.