Vladivostok is in TOP-5 most visited tourist destinations in Russia


Russian analytic portal TurStat has published an interesting statistic with TOP-5 most visited tourist destinations (cities) during 2019 in Russia.  Vladivostok took an honourable 5th place.

See the rating below:

1 place – Moscow. The Russian capital was visited by 25 million tourists in 2019.

2 place – St. Petersburg. More than 9 million people.

3 place – Sochi. 6,5 million tourists chose this warm place for their vacation in 2019.

4 place – Kazan. 3,5 million tourists during the 2019 year.

5 place – Vladivostok. This marine port was visited by 3 million tourists.


The Deputy Governor of Primorsky Region congratulated all tour community with this great occasion during the winners presenting of the Award Ceremony “Tourist Industry Leaders of Primorye 2019”. He also wished all tourist industry representatives to get at least 3rd position in the TOP-5 next year.