“The most southern island of Russia”

Short description: 2-hour excursion along the ecological trail with sightseeing of the most southern island of Russia – Fr. Furugelma, on which the world’s largest colonies of black-tailed gull and Ussuri cormorant are located. Thus, the colony of black-tailed gulls has more than 50,000 birds! The settlements of the spectacle chistik and thin-bill kair coexist with it. The island also serves as a resting place for some migratory birds listed in the Red Book, such as thunderbirds, eagles, skuas and pink gulls. Relict plants, bird markets, unique coastal landscapes, excellent transparency of water! A visit to the coastal battery No. 250, the only one in the Primorsky Territory, which participated in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45.

Location: Furugelm Island in Peter the Great Bay, Sea of ​​Japan

Thematic focus: landscape observations, a brief acquaintance with the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, the history of the development of Peter the Great Bay by Russian navigators, the archaeological culture, the animal and plant world of Furugelm Island, colonies of sea birds, largha rookery.

Target audience: It is not recommended to take children under 7 years old.

Objects of display: landscapes, panorama of islands and the coast of the Southern region of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, forest-forming species of trees and shrubs, island species of grassy vegetation, black-tailed gull colony, Ussuri cormorant, gray heron, fortifications, military town, battery No. 250.

The nature of the route: ring.

Route length: 3.5 km.

Average duration of the route: 2 hours

Way to travel on the route: hiking route.

Arrangement of the route:

1) primary information about the excursion is given on the information stand, a map of the route is shown;

2) the route goes along a dirt road, forest paths and meadow paths;

3) on the cordon of the reserve there are: a first-aid kit, primary fire fighting equipment, toilet.

Level of difficulty: the route is available for people with full physical capabilities, having basic sports training; according to the generally accepted classification of tourist routes – a non-categorical route; on the route is not recommended to take children up to 7 years.

Route operation mode:

– the route is valid from May to October;

– restrictions are imposed in the period of nesting birds; if there is a possibility of violation of the road and footpath after prolonged rains;

– in order to ensure the safety of tourists, restrictions are imposed due to adverse weather conditions;

– With the existing arrangement, the maximum permissible loads on the route are no more than 1,200 tourists per season; taking into account the psycho-comfort factor – no more than three groups per day;

– The maximum number of people in a group is 15 people;

– movement during the tour is allowed only along existing paths;

– in the event of a possible negative impact of anthropogenic load on the state and integrity of natural objects, the mode of operating the route can be adjusted until it is completely closed;

– restrictions on the operation of this route or its closure are imposed by order for the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Risk of danger: when driving on steep sections of the trail and on slippery stones, care should be taken.

Hazardous factors: ixodus ticks, mosquitoes – carriers of Japanese encephalitis are possible (cases of infection with encephalitis on Furugelm Island are not registered). On the route there are poisonous plants and mushrooms, sensitizing plants. Noted toxic “red tides”.

Far Eastern Marine Biosphere State Nature Reserve