“The path of the leopard”

Short description: During the tour, tourists are told about the Land of the Leopard National Park itself and the goals of its formation. The main goal is to protect and increase the population of the Far Eastern leopard. To leopards enough food – ungulates – in the national park are created fertilizing grounds, one of which – Barabashevskaya – tourists see after a few hundred meters after the start of the path. It has three large halls and many moves. The guide checks the trap with tourists and shows the latest images of leopards that were shot at this place. In addition, at the cave and inside it, tourists can find other evidence that recently there were spotted cats: quite often on the wet ground next to them you can see their footprints or characteristic scratches. The next stage of the route is a small ascent to the mountain Rocky. Back in the Soviet years, climbers discovered 11 caves in it, some of which occasionally serve as a shelter for leopards. The most famous of them – Barbaris, Leopard and Barabashevskaya.

Location: Territory of the Land of the Leopard National Park

Thematic focus: Study of the intricacies of biotechnical activities aimed at maintaining a high number of ungulates, which are the main food supply of the Far Eastern leopard; see caves frequented by this wild cat; learn more about the nutrition, behavior, traces of the leopard; as well as on the methods of study and the main directions of scientific activities in the Land of the Leopard National Park.

Target audience: no limits older than 5 years.

Objects of display: landscapes, panorama of the territory of the National Park “Land of the Leopard”, visit – the center of the cordon “Barabashevsky”, the cave of the city of Rocky

The nature of the route: pendulum.

Route length: .4 km

Average duration of the route: 2 – 2.45 hours

Way to travel on the route: hiking route.

Arrangement of the route:

1) on the information stand, primary information about the excursion is given, a map of the route is shown;

2) the route passes along a dirt road, the visit is the center of the cordon “Barabashevsky”, the cave of the city of Skalistoi

3) at the cordon of the reserve there are: a first-aid kit, primary fire fighting equipment; restroom.

Level of difficulty: the route does not require special physical training; according to the generally accepted classification of tourist routes – a non-categorical route; On the route it is allowed to take children from 5 years.

Route operation mode:

– the route operates year-round;

– in order to ensure the safety of tourists, restrictions are imposed during the river flooding and snowmelt: October / November, March / April

– The maximum number of people in a group is 15 people;

– in the event of a possible negative impact of anthropogenic load on the state and integrity of natural objects, the mode of operating the route can be adjusted until it is completely closed;

– restrictions on the operation of this route or its closure are imposed by order of the administration of the National Park “Land of the Leopard.”

Risk of danger: when driving on steep sections of the trail and on slippery stones, care should be taken.

Hazardous factors: possible encounters with a poisonous snake – the eastern shtekomordnikom, attacks of ticks. On the route there are poisonous plants and mushrooms, sensitizing plants.

Land of the Leopard National Park