“The underwater world of the reserve”

Short description: A sightseeing tour along the dive points (without disembarking). Dives without anchoring in b. Boisman b. Ivanova, south-east. the tip of Stenin Island, the stones of Elizarov, the Bondsdorf Bank, banks and shoals of the De Livron, Hildebrandt, Durnovo Islands, b-ki between Durnovo and Hildebrandt Islands, b.Maksimova, Fr. Matveyev (southern part), o. Big Pelis (except for the “heel”), near the islands and banks of the coastline of the mainland.

Location: the waters of the Rimsky-Korsakov archipelago of Peter the Great Bay, Sea of ​​Japan.

Thematic focus: underwater landscape observations of the animal and plant world, a brief acquaintance with the history and organization of the work of the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, the history of the exploration of Peter the Great Bay by navigators.

Target audience: divers with specialized training.

Objects of display: landscapes, panorama of the islands of the Peter the Great Bay, geological monuments, the flora and fauna of the reserve.

The nature of the route: ring.

Route length: 25 km.

Average route duration: 3.5 hours.

Way to travel on the route: water route.

Arrangement of the route:

– on the cordon of the reserve there is a first-aid kit, a toilet is located.

Level of difficulty: the route is categorical, divers with a certificate of appropriate qualification are accepted on the route.

Route operation mode:

– the route is valid from May to October, in the daytime;

– in order to ensure the safety of tourists, restrictions are imposed due to adverse meteorological conditions (precipitation, waves of the sea, water clarity);

– The maximum permissible load on the route is limited by psychological factors, but not more than two groups per day;

– The maximum number of people in a group is 10 people;

– With the existing arrangement, the maximum permissible loads on the route are no more than 1,200 tourists per season;

– restrictions on the operation of this route or its closure are imposed by order for the Far Eastern Marine Reserve.

Risk of injury: when moving around the water area and disembarking and disembarking on a boat, when diving – the danger of getting barotrauma.

Hazardous factors: toxic “red tides” are noted, poisonous marine animals are found.

Far Eastern Marine Biosphere State Nature Reserve