Eastern ring of Russia

Single brand showing diverse tourist capacity of regions of the Far East and Trans Baikal area.

– It is reflected in the Strategy of development of the Far East and the Baikal region for the period till 2025, approved in 2009.

Areas included: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Buryatia, Transbaikal, Kamchatka, Seaside and Khabarovsk regions, Amur, Irkutsk, Magadan and Sakhalin regions, Jewish Autonomous region and Chukotka Autonomous region.

Project benefits

• Tourist and recreational clusters, the providing infrastructure special offers of regions

• An extensive transportation network (railway, an avia, highways) allow to increase activity of tourist flows

• Availability of the international brands, objects of the World heritage of UNESCO

Project tasks

• Enhancing cooperation of regions, exchange of information and carrying out advertizing and presentation rounds, participation by a single brand in the international tourist exhibitions

• Creation of the Coordination center of East Ring of Russia non-profit partnership

• Creation of high-quality infrastructure and tourist products

Development options of the project

-Non-profit partnership “The international center for rendering development assistance of humanitarian and business cooperation on an interregional route “East ring of Russia”.

– A special economic zone of tourist and recreational type with inclusion in a single district tourist and recreational cluster “Eastern ring of Russia”.

Branding of the territories within the project.

– “Cold pole” Yakutia tourist brand, national park “Lena Pillars”, “Diamond of Yakutia”, a national holiday Ysyakh, sport event “Children of Asia”;

– Khabarovsk region culture of the original ethnic is considered as growth point. It really has the biggest potential in Russia on culture of indigenous ethnic groups (on arts and crafts it is yielded even by the USA and Canada). River cruise, alpine skiing, fishing tourism types are developing;

– The Amur region has “Gold mile” in the city of Blagoveshchensk and “the Space Odyssey” with excursions to the Eastern spaceport. “The North Pole of China”, also next to Skovorodinsky district, visited by more than 1 million Chinese tourists already today;

– Kamchatka region – extreme or ecological tourism (14% of the territory of the peninsula are national parks) with the known Valley of Geysers, the Paratunsky cluster, ski resorts;

– Sakhalin is a unique island for the ecological and rural tourism, the well-known alpine skiing complex “Mountain Air”;

– Chukotka – a cradle of a polar bear, the most northern of east reserves of “Wrangel Island” as one the most attractive for the ecotourism;

– The Magadan region is positioned by Kolyma with development of sports and  tourism all the year round  at lakes of the Dancing Graylings and Jack London, including in the long term tourist gold mining;

– Primorsky region has a wide range of directions: congress and exhibition tourism with carrying out the international and national actions, cultural and informative tourism based on historical and modern art objects, sports tourism (“Fetisov-arena and “A seaside ring”), ecological tourism based on 20 special security national park areas, beach tourism with use about 100 beaches, cruise tourism.

Almost all subjects of the Far East federal district actively develop event tourism, using the uniqueness of the region.

Also it should be noted that in general majority of regions for the potential tourist market of Asia-Pacific countries with the total number of population more than 420 million people has no more than 3-hour direct transport availability with use of means of aircraft. (Governor of the Primorsky region : “About 400 million residents of Asia-Pacific countries, i.e. prospective clients live only in hour availability from Vladivostok. No one place in the world has such potential today.”


The route binding to memorials and key events of regions allows to create a bright information reason for development of entrance tourism and a finished tourist’s product for implementation in the international tourist market.


– “Winter Begins in Yakutia” festival (Yakutia)

– Christmas musical festival (Buryatia)

– Fantastic Saalgan in Buryatia (Buryatia)

– Festival of ethnic cuisine “Buuzyn Bayar” (Buryatia)

– International competition of ice sculptures “The ice imagination” (Khabarovsk Krai)

– Ice semi-marathon of “Vladivostok Ice Run” (Primorsky Krai)

– Far Eastern gastronomic Festival (Primorsky Krai)


– “The Baikal Olympic fishing” (Buryatia)

– Republican prayer “Barkhan of a takhilg” (Buryatia)

– Traditional race on dogsleds of “Beringiya” (Kamchatka)

– “Travel on the Cold pole” (Yakutia)

– International festival “Amur waves” (Khabarovsk region)

-“PACIFIC STYLE WEEK” (Vladivostok)

-Pacific tourist forum (Primorsky Krai)


– Surkharban (Buryatia)

– Yokhor Night  festival (Buryatia)

– Voice of Nomads festival (Buryatia)

– “We Will Keep the Salmon Together” festival (Kamchatka)

– Volcano Day (Kamchatka)

– Lena River Day (Yakutia)

– National holiday “Ysyakh” (Yakutia)

– Festival of creativity of indigenous people of the North

– “Stork over Cupid” (Khabarovsk Region)

– “Day of the fisherman” (Primorsky region)

– Cultural and sports festival “Summer on Russian Island” (Primorsky region)

– City festival “Vladivostok Fortress” (Vladivostok)


– Baikal Day (Buryatia)

– “Sounds of Eurasia” festival (Buryatia)

– Holiday of the Itelmen people of “Alkhalalalay” (Kamchatka)

– Holiday of the Koryak people of “Khololo” (Kamchatka)

– Day of a tiger (Primorsky region)

– Days of tourism (Kamchatka)

– “Diamond week of Yakutia”

–  Day of Homus (Yakutia)

– A dawn meeting at the Pacific Ocean cost(Kamchatka)

– International film festival of Asia-Pacific countries “Pacific Meridian” (Primorsky region)

– Drift championship Russia vs Japan of “Asia Pacific D1 Primring Grand Prix 2016” (Primorsky region)


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